Josie Alec -The Jummi Factory and Indijiarts cultural creativeness

Venessa has given me an amazing insight into what I can do online as an entrepreneur. She has been culturally sensitive in the way she works in the Indigenous healing space of my business, which has given me the confidence to move forward in my everyday work ethic. Just knowing that she has my back, so to speak, with the important logistical aspects of the business is very reassuring. I know I can leave it to Venessa and it will be done. Biggest Love Ven!! 


Writer, blogger, sometime artist, cook, parent and gardener. I have years of business experience in the not for profit state, and I also offer my services as VA to others who would prefer some one else does the nit picky business stuff so they can do what they love. Need help setting up a WordPress website, I can help. Basic accounts set up Call me. Email traffic, virtual office receptionist you name it, I can do this for you if you want. I do this under the name of @Leave IT to V.