Let Me do what I’m good at,

So you can do what you are good at!

So many businesses now understand the need for engagement in the social media space. But they don’t have the time or the expertise. They don’t know how to produce engaging content. And the last time the website was updated was three years ago when they had that Uni Student on placement.
Small to medium enterprise don’t have the time to pay someone to do this as an employee, even part time. Which is where I come in.  I am a virtual assistant agency which allows you to pay for just what you need without all that hassle of on-boarding.
In addition, I can do newsletters, or regular social media curation on a subscription and totally set pricing that can be put into a budget. The service is based on a mutually agreed and tailored package. I also spent years in the not for profit space so I can do all those things like develop strategic plans, budgets, tender writing, policy and procedure (did I mention I’m a policy Nerd and love getting my teeth into that) develop staff training packages the list goes on.
I tackle those things for you that you have totally been meaning to get to – but haven’t.
If I don’t do it, or can’t help, I will know someone who can. I can collate it all in the one quote,so you don’t have to run project managing  a whole bunch of different contractors.
Take the pain out of these chores by giving them to me.  I’ll get my teeth into it and hopefully enjoy the hell out of it, just like your clients, staff, followers, and stakeholders will hopefully enjoy reading, using or participating in them.
I also write a bit.

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