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The Journey Begins

So its finally happened the first draft of my website is up and running and just needs to be tweaked.  I hope you enjoy the blog posts to come where I discuss the nature of reality, how to knit ,and measure myself and my experience against yours in a chance to survive a zombie apocalypse. Good Luck!

Just a small town girl/Living in a lonely world/She took the midnight train to anywhere-  Journey.

Hobart mt wellington. cold and snowing


Writer, blogger, sometime artist, cook, parent and gardener. I also do Tarot readings, message me and let me help you get to what you know but don’t know how to access. Have a party, see me at the markets. Or I you can email me and book a phone reading or just have me email you the detailed reading back. I have years of business experience in the not for profit state, and I also offer my services as VA to arts and healing modality based practitioners who would prefer some one else does the nit picky business stuff so they can do what they love. Need help setting up a WordPress website, I can help. Basic accounts set up Call me. Email traffic, virtual office receptionist you name it, I can do this for you if you want. I do this under the name of @Leave IT to V. I blog at the Laughing about Art, Tarot, the universe and everything. I can write your copy for you, create ads manage Facebook and Instagram or write content.

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