All About Me

So just what is a wordsmith.  Well its sorta what it sounds like, someone who works with words.  I love words.  I moon over a piquant metaphor and get drunk of a well turned phrase.  So much so that I am seldom sober.

I just love to come up with just the right post,  content or copy to make your work stand out and bring them back to you again and again.

I can write in Many voices

If its verbiage and verbosity, I can put in as many break teeth words as Dickens on crack,

Or pare it back.

Minimalism way cool.

Or Sassy and Saucy. 

The idea is to do the stuff you don’t have time for, so it has to be your words, your vision and your personality coming through the page.

If you are not prepared to spend a little time with me (abso free!) getting to know you, finding out what you are trying to get onto the page, but don’t have the words, and generally making sure you couldn’t do better yourself, well I’m not the one for you.

Fiverr or freelancer?

Mind you you get what you pay for, but in my case after an initial free consult I will provide you with an all inclusive quote so at least you know you wont be out of budget.

Call me.  I’m Waiting.